happy birthday oli!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

oil turned 2 a couple weeks ago! and his mommy put on quite the shindig!
she thought of allllllll the details. the theme was "little man".
so, so, so cute!

my sweet & silly friend, audra, is preggers, too. we are a few weeks apart.



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i thought she was doing pretty well monday and tuesday....
wednesday she went 1 time and then on a #2 she freaked and yelled,
"no more panties, i want diapers!"
i guess i rushed her into potty training. i feel like the past 3 days were a waste.
....we'll try again

(britt had to save me and bring over some diapers b/c i told paytie when all the diapers are
gone we start potty training. thanks, britt!)


crazy in love with bows!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

britt went crazy making bows once she found out she was having a girl.
the day iris came home we went a little bow crazy trying them on paytie!


potty training time!

we are on day 2 of official potty training!
yesterday was interesting. she went through 12 pair of panties!
(i never knew a kid could go that many times a day)
i opted for her to wear panties instead of no clothes. she is very proud of them!
once we hit 3:00 in the afternoon she realized she wanted her stickers for her potty chart the next thing i knew, she ran to the bathroom, slammed the door shut, and yelled,
"i go potty, mommy!"
so, of course i ran in there with her and helped her out. she now has about 8 stickers on her
chart and is doing great! i'm proud of her!


little iris is growing

Monday, September 13, 2010


cooking co-op

i am trying out a cooking co-op for the first time!
it is a way to have meals ready to eat and save.
they can be done in different ways, but we are doing it like this....

*there are 8 families total in our group
*2 shoppers and ingredient organizers(big job)
*meet one day and divide up all the food
*each of us take ingredients for 2 main dish meals
*prepare and bag into freezer bags and lay flat in freezer
*meet back up in a week and pass out all the meals

we all end up with 16 meals that are ready to go(with minimal prep time) we all paid
$100 for 16 meals. it will be a little cheaper next time b/c we bought a lot of spices that we
will continue to use. i am excited to try out new meals! there are lots of marinated chicken dishes, mexican ones, and a few noodle meals.

my 2 meals are pizza casserole and meatball subs. i brought home 8 pounds of turkey meat (we decided to use turkey than beef) 5 pounds of cheese. 20 12" subs. over 9 pounds of sauce and lots of freezer bags to pack it all in.

i'll let you know how it goes!


iris amelia blanton

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

wow! what a morning!
britt called me about 5:00 this morning and said contractions are 3-5 minutes a part.
she said come over in about an hour.
i was so pumped and got my things together! jord went to work to get some things
so he could stay home with paytie and then britt was calling me about 5:45 asking where i was!
by 6:00 contractions were on top of each other so they headed to the hospital and i was right behind them. she was up in her room by 6:10 and had her at 7:16!!!! it was sooo fast! they checked her and she was at an eight and ready to push.
britt had about 8 pushes to give and with out any intervention baby iris was here!
the dr. almost didn't make it, he arrived at 6:50.

iris is 7lbs 1 oz and 19 in long.

eli is very proud of his sissy!
they kiddos were literally fighting over her!
we had to let them hold her one at a time.
eli has an i heart iris shirt on :)

i had to include a pic of elijah...they look sooo much alike!


ball of laughter

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

if you want a good laugh click on the below youtube link and see jordan rolling down a hill
in a blowup sphere! you mainly hear patrick because the flip camera is zip tied to his strap, but it is sooooo funny to here grown men squeal!


i take that as a positive!

you guessed it...we are expecting #2!
we are about 7 weeks and so far feeling great!

paytie is so sweet, we just told her a few days ago and she tells people,
"mommy has a baby in her tummy" and then she rubs my tummy.
or she lifts up my shirt looking for the baby.
she even reminds jordan, too.


cousins+park+mcdonadls=lots of smiles

Thursday, September 2, 2010

jord and i took the kiddos to the park with the very first happy meal!
it was a blast!

time for the water!
in san gabriel park there is a great little spring that they had so
much fun playing in.
(note-in the background there was a whole group of teenagers practicing for a quinceanera, it was very entertaining!!)

she jumped in!

he belly flopped in!

and finished off with popsicles in the bath tub and lots of giggles.