Saturday, April 30, 2011

mom, enough pictures already!

praisin' the Lord in her sleep!


loves her swing


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

tummy time with daddy

she fell asleep during his tutorial on the xbox


here is baby beau, from a few posts back. he is just 5 weeks old and i think
a bit bigger than evie :)
he is 10lbs 13oz



thank you to the mystery person for evie's cloth diapers!
these adorable diapers were mailed to us with no card.
THANK YOU secret friend, please tell me who you are!


Easter 2011

we are now a family of FOUR!
we are very blessed

i had a front row seat on the porch nursing evie while the kiddos were
hunting eggs

nana, from okc, bought the girls matching dresses
they looked precious



Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 23, 2011

payton was so excited that we still planned on going to our friends annual egg hunt!
we really enjoyed our morning.
evie will forever remember her 1st egg hunt at 3 days old!

it looks like payton is stealing eggs from iris, but she is actually hunting eggs for her. so sweet!

i'm so happy to be a baby wearing momma again.

cannon and iris just chillin in the grass watching the hunt take place.


Evie is here!

evelyn kate wonderly
april 20, 2011
6lbs 6oz
19 3/4in
  • 2:00am, april 20th, i still can't settle down for the night. i am going from one photography website to the next getting ideas for maternity pictures that britt was going to take.
  • 2:10 my water brakes...but i'm not conviced after googleing "water brake symptoms" so i go to bed.
  • 3:30 hmmm....
  • 4:30 okay, now that is definitely my water and cue jordan's wake up call...honey, wake up, i think my water broke....ARE YOU SERIOUS????
  • 5:00 we arrive at the hospital and they confirm it was amniotic fluid and i labored for a couple of hours waiting on the dr to get there and set up the OR room
  • 7:50 miss evie was born
this whole experience came as a complete surprise. evie was 3 weeks early and i never thought i would go into labor on my own. we were having a planned csection 2 weeks later. it was a wonderful experience to go through. the shock, the disbelief, the excitement, the unknown, the nervousness, everything! we are so blessed and thankful to God for wrapping us in His arms and taking care of us. we truly serve an amazing God!

getting ready to meet evie!

happy birth day, evie!

jordan is such a strong husband and daddy.
he would not leave evie's side, even when it took 4 nurses to draw blood on our screaming newborn in the nursery.

payton is such a proud BIG sister!
she is so sweet and gentle with her.

snoozing at 4am side by side

our small group planned a surprise baby shower for us, but evie came early and they brought the shower to us. they are such a wonderful group!

can you tell jord is proud of his girls?


3 years old

Monday, April 18, 2011

we needed to get a few 3 year pics taken.
here's what we came up with down on the square.


weekend full of memories

we started off the weekend with our first camping experience!
we went with a bunch of our friends from church and made some awesome memories!
payton was so excited to go, she made sure we didn't forget:
  • kite---check
  • lantern---check
  • whistle/compass from pops---check
  • bug collector---check
  • trail mix---check
those are the main things she cared about

she was so proud of her panda bear kite!

we totaled 20 kiddos ranging from 6 weeks old-7 yrs

fishing with her daddy
that 20 minutes of fishing wore her out

i just had to include these 2 pics....
it was a texas style wedding rehearsal taking place right next to the camp grounds
& their fancy rehearsal dinner in the back of the pick up. :)

aww, the beautiful sunset

laura setting up her tent, with leia in the back of the truck supervising(look really closely)

while jord and i set up ours. this is a classic 2 room tent. it is my parents and the one we used as a family when sis and i were growing up. it definitely has that musty smell.

it was SO cold when we woke up!
paytie woke up with smiles and jord it hiding under his hoody.
payton woke up in the middle of the night after jord almost fell into the
tent after using the bathroom! she crawled in bed with us. it was sweet.

rise n shine, daddy... took him a while to bare the cold with us for breakfast.

after camping payton and i cleaned up and took a nap...while
jord helped britt and patty move. it was a busy saturday.

jord and i finished the weekend off with a quick "babymoon"
we went out to my parents condo on lake lbj for the night.
we ate horribly, watched 2 movies, played shuffle board, and rested.

now we are ready for baby #2

how's that for a busy weekend while being 37 weeks pregnant! :)