Tuesday, June 22, 2010

fun in the sun at the johnson's house!
we had a great visit with everyone. baby emma and mack are growing so fast!


World Cup 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

in american football is something to obsess about, but
everywhere else futbol is on everyones tv right now. the world cup 2010 is going on
and jordan is in heaven.
we were in germany during the 2006 world cup and the sight and sounds were

sweet little carlos, pastors grandson, who is now a brother t0 2.
the church we worked at hosted a fussbal tournament the whole month and we saw 95% of the games on a big screen in the church. i'm pretty sure this frau beat me.

and now it's all about africa! we have watched games on jetblue, nyc, boston and home.
just like lisa and justin they are in bliss.

Go USA!!! you better win the next game!
if they don't, go DEUTSCHLAND!



Thursday, June 17, 2010

we just got back from celebrating our 5 year anniversary
in NYC & Boston (actual date, july 23rd)

we saw sarah mclachlan and nora jones in central park
try the link, if it works we made it on tv the last 2 seconds of her song"loving you is easy"
my sis saw us on gma

the hosts

the beautiful metropolitan museum of art

these are pics of our hotel. it was a great place and even had a
huge mural when we walked in

my sweet friend nancy from college. she's a big time new yorker now

this is a new spot we found out about. it's called the highline.
used to be raised train tracks and now it is a great park/nature walk. it
is right on the harbor. it was beautiful.

where everybody knows your name!
we visited
dustin and audra, who are staying in btown
for june. thanks for a great time!

my first major league game!

gotta have a fenway frank

on the last day we enjoyed a great picnic in the boston commons.

jord, here's to 5 wonderful years and many more to come! love you!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

when we got home from our trip we played and played with paytie.
we had a great time in nyc & boston, but we sure missed our girl.