uh oh, she's trapped

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

paytie locked herself in the bathroom....she went in and closed the door and then opened a lower drawer which made us not be able to get in. at first i giggled and then i called for jordans help. we both tried our fingers and that didn't work.

then he used a screw driver to shut the drawer and look who opened the door on the other side! i know, i know i need to get child locks on my drawers :)


girls weekend '09

Monday, June 22, 2009

our first annual girls weekend!!!
these are my dear friends from college who came all the way from california, okc, and kansas to spend the weekend at my parents condo in marble falls, tx. we have known each other since our freshman year in 2000. we have shed many laughs through the years and last weekend didn't change. we shared many, many laughs and memories! a quick update on my girls from left to right.
roxanne-lives in california and works in the hollywood industry. she spends most of her recent time in the special effects area. she's single guys!!!!!!
heather- lives in okc with her hubby, tim, and is an amazing asset to the mission homeless shelter.
dr. heather-lives in kansas city with her hubby, brad, and they BOTH just graduated form med. school in may. wow, she's a dr.!!!
brooke-lives in okc with her hubby, seth, and works for chessepeak oil co.
and ME- you know the info already :)

thanks for a great weekend girls! miss you already


let the sewing begin

Sunday, June 21, 2009

while we were in california jordan's parents came down from okc and took care of paytie. they also completed my wonderful sewing/laundry room. my FIL, roger (aka bob vila) switched around our water line and more to make space in our laundry room for my new sewing desk! i am so thankful for the both of them. they bless us in so many ways. :)

this is where all the creating will begin during the days from 9-10am and 12-2(nap time for miss thang)

i also thought i would share one of my funny "hippie" facts about me...

i make my own laundy detergent! yes, it does actually work! i love it and i looooove the price tag. all of the above ingredients are around $6 and they will last me around 2 years!!!!! i started in september 2008 and i just made my 4th batch of it last week. i have had a great experience with it. if you are interested i got the recipe off of youtube.


Sneak Peak of Cali

Tuesday, June 16, 2009