condo in the fall

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

this was the fun we had after our ER visit. saturday was relaxing with lots of smiles. we played outside with bubbles, the seesaw and swings. can you believe how flexible our girl is? those two love each other so much!


getting into character for halloween


the winkler farm

we had a fun time out at the winklers for bj's birthday a couple of weeks ago. the kids have so much fun going out there.



the future giada de laurentiis



this past weekend was dedicated to the girls of the family(and eli) we were supposed to have a relaxing weekend at the lake and instead we made our first trip to the ER. paytie and i were playing and i dislocated her little elbow. she screamed when it happened and then wasn't using it after that. after 2.5 hrs in the ER everything was good to go. she actually wiggled it back into place herself. it was so sad to see her in the ER in her little hospital gown(fyi: sissy's designs style gowns are much cuter and can be made for children) the nurse gave her a duckie and that made her smile. she was such a big girl. i'm glad my mom and sis were there with me. then the next night i was on bath duty and the kiddos were having fun then eli stood up and slipped just as i was reaching for him. he chipped his tooth....this weekend was not the best pick me up on mommy and auntie duty.

all that to say....
it was NOT me who dislocated my daughters elbow and then assisted in chipping my nephews tooth.


happy b-day quaid & ainsley

our friends from church had a double birthday party for their kiddos. ainsley and payton are friends, although you wouldn't believe it looking at their cowgirl stare. payton had so much fun riding the pony!



Friday, October 16, 2009

it was NOT us who tried to cram payties foot into her awesome puma hightops so much that she was crying. (fyi-they are her size, but the hightop part is hard to put on, if only she could help wiggle her foot in) and it was NOT me who was making her try on another pair of her boots, that have been in the closet, with no socks and she was complaining about it. i said, "real quick payte, almost finished" when i took the shoe off a ROACH crawled out!!!! i felt terrible!!!!

it was NOT jordan who barricaded our dog pearl (aka hudini) in the kitchen using a baby gate, barstool and vaccum to find everything exactally the way he left it with pearl on the other side...she is jumping over!

it's NOT me who continues to play dress up with paytes winter clothes and insists jord see every outfit.

it's NOT sissy's designs who finally posted new pics of our latest treasures and packaging online and business is picking up on etsy......i'm sure you know someone who just had or is going to have a baby? hint! hint!

it was NOT me who embarassed jordan last night on stage at church for talking too much ;)

it was NOT us who got a new(to us) leather sectional that is a little tight squeeze in our living room (i love garage sales)
it was NOT us who only ate jason winklers famous salsa for dinner last night
it was NOT me that had to tweeze cacti needles out of jordan's leg b/c of his mountain bike fall


columbus day '09

Monday, October 12, 2009

paytie and i enjoyed a walk in the hood and when daddy came home they shared some time together "dada style". we also went to the mall and to petland(one of payties favorite places)


so, i'm going to try a new tradition for my little blog. my dear friend sarah has been telling her deep personal/mother stories that most people don't dare share, especially on the internet for months now. but what the heck lets be honest we are not perfect as women or mothers. enjoy reading my "not me" thoughts. (based on mckmama's blog)

it was NOT me who dressed up my daughter like she was a baby doll just to go on a walk around the block...i'm just too excited to bust out her winter clothes.

it's NOT me who has a hard time letting go control of what my husband packs for paytie to wear at my moms(daycare)

it's NOT me who forgot to tell my mom when she babysat saturday night that paytie didn't have dinner and she thought she did. awww

it's NOT me who threatened a week of recess from one of my students if they made fun of another student for having lice.

it's NOT me who played hooky from church and stayed home to make yummy potato soup and snuggle up with my fam.

it was NOT me who is scared to open the veggie drawer in the fridge to find the 2.5 week old squash

it was NOT me who missed her sister after the 1st day while she was in colorado for the weekend

it's NOT me who forgets to brush patyie's teeth sometimes

*there's my 1st attempt...stay tuned for next weeks


Sunday, October 11, 2009

take a giggle brake :)
paytie really enjoyed this lincoln commercial


the how to on cake balls

has anyone out there tried the new rage in the dessert world?
i am going to show you a step-by-step on cake ball making.

1. bake a box cake and let it cool
you can use any kind of cake or icing

2. use 1/2 a can of store bought icing
hint: if you use more like i've done before the cake is too moist

3. crumble the cake in a bowl along with the icing

4. make sure all the icing is mixed in
put in the freezer for 30 min. (i have skipped this step before and it was fine,
but they were a little sticky)

5. roll the cake mixture into 1" balls and freeze again for 30 min.
it will make about 50. you can always make them bigger

6. i put them on a skewer and rolled it in a bowl of melted chocolate(tap it on the edge and rotate at the same time) then i placed it in vase with floral foam to dry. you can easily use a fork and place them on parchment paper it makes a flat bottom, but they are still yummy.

7. then i jazzed them up with some white chocolate that i dyed blue
to drizzle on top use a pastry bag cut a corner of a zip lock bag
(they were for a baby shower)

8. after they dried i took them off the skewers and put them in small liners

i like to serve them cold.
i know there are a few steps, but it can easily be done here and there
or b/t nap time like i did.
let me know if you make them


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i'm back!!!
finally i am back to the blogging world. sorry for the delay. everything is going great with the wonderlys. we are busy being parents to an 18 month old. she keeps us on top of it.
paytie update:
-she is a whopping 22 lbs 33 in long
-running full speed
-telling me 'no, no' along with, puppie, momma, dada, babie aka 'e', night night, bubbles, cheese, juju, nana, (she knows all the other fam, but just can't say their names yet) bye bye, hello, body parts:eyes, nose, ear, mouth, elbow, she points to them along with fingers, toes, head, heel, and knee and more
-she has time out for touching the remotes, standing on the ottoman, and saying no,no. she even walks to the timeout chair when we send her
-brushes her teeth by herself, well almost
-runs to the bathroom when i say 'bathtime'
-is a social butterfly
-she is full of energy and an attitude which i don't know where that came from :)
-she tells us something new everyday and constantly makes us smile

work is going well for both of us. we are still on the worship team at church ( and jord is leading a small group and i am busy crafting

enjoy reading the updates


greetings humans

oliver turned one (well, in september) and payton just had to go give him a birthday kiss. oli's mom, sarah, thought of all the cute details when it came to planning a robot themed b-day. there were little handmade robots everywhere and she even named all the food to go along with the theme. it was a great party.


costume = free books

why i love georgetown....
because a local bookstore gave away free books if you wore a costume. britt and i jumped right on that and dressed the kiddos up. eli was a penguin and paytie was a pink poodle. this is what i bought at the end of the season last year, but i have changed my mind since then. (you'll have to wait for halloween to find out the real costume) it was a fun saturday morning.