Christmas is here!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

well, at least at our home! we got a jump on things this year with juju and pops' help. paytie loves her christmas tree. it is so sweet seeing her face light up with smiles when she sees the tree.


crawling, food, smiles...and more

we officially have a crawling paytie! every baby must have little knee pads. look at those skinny legs :) if your wondering...those are brown cloth diapers that paytie is testing out for her new cousin. i will admit that they did not leak...but it was only #1.....good luck on #2 auntie britt

don't you just love her tights and sunglasses

and none the less...she does not like butternut squash for now

can you believe this blue eyes baby is ours?


old friends

my childhood friend, amanda, came over to visit with her little one, aspen.
the girls enjoyed playing with each other and the moms and dads chatted it up.


Riding around town

Monday, November 10, 2008

Paytie went on her first bicycle ride around town. We had a great afternoon...and relaxing :)


The Party of the Year!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

This weekend I hosted my sisters baby shower at the San Gabriel Bed & Breakfast House! It was such a fun day! Here are some great pictures that my cousin took.I can't wait till baby Elijah is here.

This is the food display. I suspended the food trays from the rafters of the deck! Everyone helped make something yummy. We even had an omelet station that my dad prepared and migas.

It was a perfect day for a garden party

The wonderful ladies that helped make it a perfect day. Brenda, Me, Britt, Cousin KC, Aunt Susie

The three of us!