true style!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

my great friend, erin, sent me this hilarious picture of herself on black friday......
she has super style or is it macgruber that has the super style?
(her husband, mike, said she had to retire that outfit)
thanks for the laugh, erin!


murray fam pics

Monday, November 22, 2010

these are our cool cali friends, the murrays. we have formed such a great friendship over the past 3 years through church and our small group.
they have 3 kiddos that were a hoot to photograph.

we even had a little friend pass by during a position change :)

laura, hope i'm not spoiling any of your christmas card photos.
i was hesitate to put the last one up, thinking your cali fam would enjoy a donkey in the background.


homecoming at snu

Sunday, November 21, 2010

we headed up to okc for our homecoming and an arts festival at southern nazarene university.
jord helped me out soooo much with setting up my both and audra kept me
company the whole day(she even stood in line for lunch for an HOUR)!
the day was a success for sissy's designs ! (more things will be added soon)

my MIL made some adorable peasant style shirts

i had lots of visitors-
audra, payton, jordan, heather, roxanne, brooke, lisa, and baby layla

at little basketball cheer

we even got to be a part of dustin and audra's "reveal party" for the sex of their baby......
it's a GIRL!
we all bit into the cupcake at the same time and found out from the pink icing.


oh, how i like trees...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

oh, how i do not like leaves!
saturday was, "rake the leaves day". good thing we had two helpers to spread out our neat piles.
we had eli for the weekend and we put him to work.
well, actually they played in the leaves while we worked.
eli and payton are too funny together. payton is like his 2nd mom and he doesn't always
appreciate her motherly love.

she told him he had to have a helmet on to ride her trike.

seriously, sis, please take care of his duck tale.


oklahoma arts festival

sissy's designs is headed to oklahoma for an arts festival!
(minus the other sissy)
here are a few of the things i will be selling.

these are felt coloring bags that i've embellished and they will be filled with
a handmade coloring book and up-cycled crayons.

here are rings for all types

and here are my favorite...
sissy's silly dolls!
i am also selling felt and feather hair clips and headbands, earrings, jr. slings,
christmas onsies, enclosure cards and more!
i'll take pics of my booth and hopefully come back with very little inventory.


peppermint hot chocolate

Thursday, November 4, 2010

sis, i made my first cup of peppermint hot chocolate of the season!

for everyone else who is looking for a good hot chocolate recipe.....look no further!
below are the ingredients you need.
1. milk- whole is always the richest, but skim is fine too
2. chocolate chips- dark is my fave
3. peppermint extract
4. mini mallows

i just made one glass for me, although i wish you were enjoying it with me, sis.
it was about 2 cups of milk, handful of chocolate chips and a quick dash of extract.
sorry i'm not exact on measurements. you can't go wrong.
heat it over the stove and pour over top your mallows that are in the bottom of your mug!



Monday, November 1, 2010

flintstones! meet the flintstones! they're the modern stone age family!

it was another successful halloween!
we all dressed up and had a fun evening.
(note-through this process i realize i am not a dress maker. i'll stick to the smaller things)

meet the rubbles! they both sported those wigs with pride.

my parents even got into character with the cave men theme.
my dad wore his dads original shriner's hat, just like the mens club on the flintstones show,
he even made his own sundial watch!

our friends little humpty dumpty !

the first house down and they already started eating their treats!

fred and pebbles. so cute!
pebbles showed us each piece that she got

this gorilla made us laugh soooo hard!
i saw him coming but patrick and my dad didn't....he zoomed up next to them and they both jumped and i think they were holding back screams. :)

we trick-or-treated down main street in gtown. lots of the homes are historical and they all decorate very creatively.

pebbles realized she could cut through the yard and get there faster.

the men to the right were the hazmat crew...gross

wilma and pebbles
we had such a fun evening!