ONE year old!

Monday, April 23, 2012

                             Evelyn turned one year old on april 20th! we had a little fiesta for her
                                           with the fam. it was a fun time celebrating our little girl.



Easter 2012


stage 4

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

there was a closet(3'x12') in the back of the garage that will be our office. we sheet rocked 3 walls and left this wall and ceiling exposed. the ceiling will be painted white and the wall will get a grey washed stain on it.

i didn't take a before on the entrance to the garage from the kitchen but it was just a single door. the door is now gone and it was widened and steps will be covered in carpet along with the floors. this really makes the garage...i mean family room more apart of the house.


stage 3

we chose to keep the garage door for curb appeal and take it off the tracks inside and secure it to the house. then sheet rock over it so you don't even know from the inside :). we sheet rocked 2 walls and left 2 walls and ceiling with the exposed wood(pic coming)


stage 2 french doors

this was a blank wall on the west side of our house. now it has beautiful french doors (that i scored on craigslist)


garage remodel stage 1

a lot has happened at the wonderly house! we have been in the middle of a garage remodel to become our new family room. as you can see we had a loooooot of stuff to fit in an 8'x8' storage shed.

the goal was to clear our the garage so the contractor could close in the garage door and open up the side wall for french doors to our backyard. more pics to come.


kitchen remodel

from when we bought our house in 2006 to now we've done a lot to our kitchen thanks to all of our families help. we are so please with everything! thank you fam!