introducing princess elijah

Sunday, January 31, 2010

this is what happens when the wonderlys babysit e
the kiddos were really sweet today. they played peek-a-boo behind our curtains.


her 1st black eye

compliments of elijah :)
it was totally an accident, but i just had to post this milestone.
last night e chunked a glass coaster at payton and it landed on her eye. needless to say
the coaster has found a new home...the trash


DIY crayons

Monday, January 25, 2010

i've been wanting to try this project out for a while. i saved a lot of crayons
from my kindergarten teaching days and decided tonight was the night.
i started out with small tart tins.

then, i peeled off all the paper and broke them up into little chunks with my hands.
i chose to have a few colors in each.
then i baked them for 10 min. at 300. when i pulled them out i was a little disappointed
because i thought they melted to one shade, but then...
(freeze them for 15 min.)
and voila! they turned out just like i wanted! (these pics don't show
their true color.)

they are even kid tested!
and kid approved!
she thought the brown was a cookie
check out her coloring form, she is quite a natural
she was smelling it just to make sure it wasn't edible

i found some skinny ice cube trays and made a few also.


random pics

they are like brother and sister...they love each other at this moment
first set of pigtails!!!
she adores her dada
she has a new! if i lose her in the house, she is in my closet


Saturday, January 23, 2010

bubbles are her favorite, but when they pop she wonders where it went

photos by hillary jane


Monday, January 18, 2010

on new years eve we celebrated brittany's 30th birthday old hollywood style.
it was a lot of fun planning a party on my BIL dime :)
for more pics see britt's blog


Saturday, January 16, 2010

our family pics above were taken by my cousin, kendall.
she is a very talented photographer with an exceptional eye for detail. i love these pics,
thanks kc!


Monday, January 11, 2010

new jammin' jeans that i added some fabric to


duck for dinner at the wonderlys

she has become quite the chef. she loves cooking up original recipes in her new kitchen
how cute is her hat and apron that auntie gave her for christmas?


the famous fish face

i've been trying really hard to capture this moment and i finally got it...
like mother, like daughter

me and my momma in 1983
(however, payton did not take after my extra rolls
...killer glasses mom)


emma jane is almost here

the johnson girls are like another set of sisters to britt and i. we've grown up with this family. lauren and emilie are both pregnant and due at the end of march a week a part from each other. this is a shower to welcome lauren's daughter, emma.

we had fun with the decorations. emilie made the diaper cake and we hung white lanterns and added some "baby bling" with the mirror garland that i made and hung it all from britt's dining room ceiling.

the beautiful johnson girls...hillary, lauren, brenda, emilie

below is brenda making a onsie for her new grandaughter:)
in britt's amaaaaaaazing new studio(as we call it) patrick crafted this studio
with his own 2 hands! i feel like it is partly mine because of sissy's designs. i love how clean and bright it is. awesome job, patty!

we jazzed up the party with having the guests create their own onsie for little ej. it was a lot of fun!