summer is here!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

and we are all SMILES! 
evie is one happy girl with a mouth full of teeth and now hair long enough for pigtails. payton finished out her first year at grace preschool with a great music program. eli came to wish her luck. 
and the baby pool will get a lot of use this summer. 


Cali Girls Trip

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

these 2 beautiful ladies are roxanne(left) and heather. they are my dear friends from college. 
we had a wonderful girls trip in california for an early 30th birthday celebration. we all(brooke and heather d. couldn't make it) turn 30 this summer.
rox lives in the LA area and has a rad job working for a special effects company that works on movies, commercials and tv. we got to hang out on the set of WIPEOUT while she was working and even pushed the fire bomb buttons while the contestants were being filmed!!!

after our girls trip for 3 days jordan came out and me and him had a few days to ourselves. it was a great combo of a vacation. i'll post more pics soon.